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11 July 2007 @ 08:23 pm
Episode Recap/Discussion : Week 1, Episode 3  
Hey guys and girls!

Sorry for the late post. Cass had some virus problems, and I just got the recap finished. This post will serve as episode recap and discussion. So, please chat your little hearts away!


Previously on Big Brother 8: 14 houseguests moved in and began the battle for ½ million dollars. 6 were shocked to find out they were staying with someone from their past. Tempers flared between Dustin and Joe. Dick and Daniele were forced to deal with their troubled past. And Jen was forced to deal with a troubling photograph. Kail won the HOH competition. The first alliance of the summer was formed. And Carol and Amber were nominated for eviction.


We start off with a review of the nomination ceremony. It’s silent. Joe breaks it with “AWKWARD!” Amber thinks Kail shouldn’t have put her up because they both have kids. She’s crying. Carol says that it was Kail’s safest move. She didn’t piss people off that way. Jessica is happy about the nominations. She says she’ll die if Carol isn’t evicted before her.

Kail and Mike are talking about the nomination ceremony in one of the bathrooms. Mike thinks that it went really well. They don’t think that Kail has a target on her back. Kail thinks her strategy is working. She got off scotch free.

We cut to Amber and Dustin. Dustin is sad that Amber is taking the nomination so hard. Carol tells Amber that she’s fighting for her. Amber says she’s sad because she answered the questions wrong and she feels responsible for Carol’s nomination. In the DR, she says maybe it’s a gift from God that she is on the block so she could work through it.

Now, we have a Carol and Jessica scene. They’re sitting in the teacup talking. They’re talking about campaigning for votes. Jessica says that Carol is acting nonchalant about the situation. Carol says she doesn’t know what to do to find people to vote for her. In the DR, Jessica says that Carol is putting on a front that she doesn’t really care about it. But it is just a front. Jessica hopes that everybody realizes that and votes Carol out. Carol says she has a better chance if she stays calm and collected. Carol says her only motivation is that she doesn’t want to leave before Jessica.

Now, we see Carol and Zach talking about the nominations. Carol thinks that Zach has an influence on Nick and Mike. Carol wants Zach’s help. But he doesn’t want to help her if she’s not going to fight for herself. But then, she says she’ll fight. Once she tells him that, he says he’ll help her out.

Now, Kail, Dick, and Joe are laying out by the pool. Kail and Dick are talking about Daniele. Kail says that Daniele is a crack up. They talk about Dick and his son. Dick took his son Vincent to a strip bar for his 21st birthday. Dick says he couldn’t ask for a better son. He says they had a heart to heart in a strip club. In the DR, Dick said he wanted to let Kail know that there were two kids, and he had a really close relationship with his son, even though he and Daniele hadn’t always been on the best of terms. Dick tells Kail that Daniele is a lot more like him personality wise then his son is. Kail, in the DR, says that Dick confuses her because he has such a rough exterior but his interior is softer and sensitive.

On to another segment. The girls (and Joe) are watching Nick work out and lift weights.

JESSICA DR: I think Nick’s pretty cute.
DANIELE DR: I think he has a very nice body
JOE DR: Nick is so hot, it’s ridiculous
JEN DR: I don’t like muscles


NICK DR: One of my main strategies coming into the house with the females was I was gonna flirt with them. You know, I have an inviting smile and I don’t think they’ll be as partial to voting me out.

Nick and Daniele are sitting on the couches outside. Daniele asks Nick what his middle name is. “Anton,” he says. “Does that make me more or less attractive?” “Way more.”

NICK DR: My favorite chick in the house to flirt with is Daniele. Just because she’s very beautiful, she’s very funny, which I enjoy.

We see Amber and Nick laying on a bed talking. He says she’s super awesome.

NICK DR: Second on my list of girls to flirt with is Amber. The difference between Amber and Daniele is that Amber is possibly a dirty girl.

Jen and Nick are laying on a hammock. Nick says he knew there would be attractive girls, but a girl like Jen who he could really feel comfy with. Jen’s giggling. [Didn’t she just say he wasn’t that cute, and she didn’t like muscles?]

JEN DR: Jen says she has a little bit of feelings for him.

Nick is in the hot tub and carol is laying out. Carol is talking about the girls all talking about Nick flirting with them. He says he thinks they are all attractive. Carol says in a funny voice, “Yeah,  which one’s gonna be the lucky girl?” Nick says, “Or boy. Question mark!”

Now we come to Nick and Daniele, they’re sitting in bed together. Jen is looking on, jealous. She’s pissed.

Jen is out in the kitchen talking to Jessica Carol and Joe. She is talking about Nick. She says she feels bad for Daniele’s boyfriend. Carol thinks Nick wants her bad. Jen says “He tried with me but I wouldn’t let him.” [as in, he tried to kiss/make out with her but she denied him.]

 Joe goes and tells Nick. Nick is livid. He walks out of the bedroom, meanwhile Daniele is laughing. He comes into the kitchen. Dun, dun, dun.

Nick – [to Jen] So I tried to make out with you?
Jen- that’s now what I said
Nick – uh oh
Joe – yeah you kind of did Jen
Nick – what the f*** are you talking about? When did I try to kiss you on the mouth? I hate liars. When did I try to kiss you on the mouth?
Jen – I’m not, don’t-
Nick – Don’t what? You’re the one whose telling people that I tried to kiss you on the mouth

 DR: Nick’s mad that it was just a blatant lie.

 Nick – I swear on my life
Jameka – don’t do this
Nick – I know for a fact that I didn’t. I just hate people who lie.
Jen – so you’re saying you didn’t
Nick – no. are you saying I did?
Jen – yeah
Nick – wow. You’re clueless.
Jen – okay thanks.

JOE DR – Jen is a liar. Jen lives in her own freaking world. She is Jen-uinely freaking insane.

Joe – why would you say that Jen?
Jen – cause he did.

-commercial break

We get back and its more Jen/Nick drama. Nick decides to talk to her in the storage room. She tells him she’s sorry. It makes her sad to see him with Daniele. She’s jealous. Nick says, “I’m not kissing her. I’m not holding her hand and skipping to my lou.” They hug and make up.

DR NICK: it made him uncomfortable that she was going to make up a lie and then want to be his friend again. So he threw up a front and said he wasn’t upset.

Now Nick is talking to the rest of the house about the incident. He retells the scene to everybody and they laugh. Everybody is annoyed with Jen. Dick is glad that it isn’t only him that can’t stand her. They talk about how they are sick with all of the shirts that she made. They realize her name is Jen. They get it.

Up in the HOH bedroom Amber and Kail are talking about the veto. Amber tells Kail that she wants Jen on the block against her if Carol wins the veto. Kail says she could do that.

Mike and Kail are talking in HOH. Kail wants Carol gone because she thinks Carol will hold it against her, but Amber won’t. They discuss putting Joe up on the block.

Amber is in her room talking to God. She wants him to make her strong and help her win the veto. She wants him to help her keep her heart in this. Help her through this, that’s all.


Veto Competition time. The HG’s playing in the veto competition are: Kail, Amber, Carol, Daniele, Nick, and Jemeka. Jessica will be the host. Everybody else is sent upstairs in the HOH room.

The veto competition is called Hide and Seek Veto. Each houseguest playing in the competition will one at a time hide their veto box somewhere inside the house. They are in isolation booths so they can’t see who is hiding the veto box where.

Daniele hides her veto inside the bucket of slop in the refrigerator. Carol hides hers inside the two mattresses in Dick’s round bed. Amber hide’s her veto in a pillowcase. Nick hide’s his veto underneath a bed mattress. Kail hides hers in the box of teabags. Jameka hides her veto in her hair extension bag.

Each person will enter the house, one at a time. They will have one minute to find a veto in the house. The game will continue until 5 of the 6 vetoes have been found. The person who’s veto is still hidden in the house at the end will win the competition.

Meanwhile up in the HOH bedroom, Dick is annoyed locked in a room with Jen.

The competitors are searching near and far for the vetoes. Carol finds the first one, in a pillow case. Nick says he was trying to be considerate and try not to tear it apart. Kail tears through the bedrooms and ruins everything. She’s happy she’s in HOH because the rest of the house will be trashed.

Up in the HOH Jen and Dick are in an argument. He’s mad about the food competition when she wouldn’t let him touch her. It got a little ugly.

Jameka finds a  veto. She finds one slid between two mattresses in the bed. Nick finds one as well. There are only two left at this point. Kail’s still tearing through the hosue like a maniac. She even goes through Jameka’s dirty clothes. And Jameka is mad. Daniele finds the last veto, in a box of tea packages.

Back to Jessica. She reveals the vetoes that were found. The first veto found was Amber’s. Next, was Nick’s. Followed by Carol. Jameka’s veto was found 4th. And Kail’s veto was found by Daniele. So, the winner of the veto competition was Daniele!

Dick is proud of Daniele for doing well in the competition.

Now, Daniele and Amber are talking about Jen. They think she has a crush on Nick and they both want her out of the house.

It’s time for the America’s Player. Eric must tell a traumatic story from his past to Kail. He tells her about a girlfriend he once had that was severely anorexic. He even shed some tears, thanks to the contact solution which he dropped in his eyes. She thinks he is a very sensitive guy. He’s cracking up in the DR.

Now Joe and Dustin are at it again. They are being somewhat nice to each other. Dustin says he’s sorry for some things. They are trying to be civil so they won’t get voted out.

Daniele and Joe and Nick are in the hammock. About Jen. None of them like her. Daniele says she should use the veto tomorrow.

-commercial break

It is time for the veto ceremony. Carol says she’s not ready to go home. And Amber says she deserves to be taken off the block because her journey has been amazing and she’s enjoying her time and she wants to continue on. Daniele makes her speech, and decides that she will not use the veto. So both women are still on the block.

 Tune in Thursday at 8 pm to find out who is evicted.

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Pamcolormered08 on July 12th, 2007 03:38 am (UTC)
Jen getting exposed as a jealous liar was great. Props to Nick for calling her out on it.

Uuugh, I was so mad that Daniele didn't use the veto! My ideal situation would be her taking Carol off and then Jen getting put up. I was so sure that's what was going to happen, too! Oh well. I'd rather Amber go home than Carol. I suppose not using it was the safer way to go.

And I think Kail's wrong, Amber would be more likely to hold it against her if she went home, not Carol.
xcatsxpawxxcatsxpawx on July 12th, 2007 03:02 pm (UTC)
yup, i wanted jen gone too. i'm all kinds of over her. but so is the rest of the house, so her time is coming. =)
Cassxblondecutieo23 on July 12th, 2007 09:55 pm (UTC)
I know! I sooo wanted Jen gone, but I'm hoping that that's what happens next week. (Well I mean the new week that starts tonight) :D I really hate her. I'm glad Nick is way over flirting with her, and I love what's going on with him and Daniele. Sooo cute.

Yes, I'm so very sorry about not starting the discussion or doing the recap... I got this virus and ugh, it was just trouble.