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Hey guys and girls!

Sorry for the late post. Cass had some virus problems, and I just got the recap finished. This post will serve as episode recap and discussion. So, please chat your little hearts away!


Previously on Big Brother 8: 14 houseguests moved in and began the battle for ½ million dollars. 6 were shocked to find out they were staying with someone from their past. Tempers flared between Dustin and Joe. Dick and Daniele were forced to deal with their troubled past. And Jen was forced to deal with a troubling photograph. Kail won the HOH competition. The first alliance of the summer was formed. And Carol and Amber were nominated for eviction.


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10 July 2007 @ 10:42 am
Here we go with the recap for episode 2 of Big Brother 8. As you will see, I've made extreme progress in condensing the recap so it's not so long. This time, it's 2000 words instead of 3000. [snickers] Anyways, enjoy. And please comment if you can! Thanks!

Previously on Big Brother 8: 11 strangers moved into the Big Brother House and began to size each other up. Julie revealed the shocking twist that 6 of the houseguests would be living with people from their pasts. At the HOH competition Kail spun her way to victory. The houseguests were shocked to find out they would be sleeping with their enemies. It was more than they could handle. Can the enemies put their past behind them? Or will it lead them to their demise. Plus find out who Kail nominates for eviction. And give America’s Player their very first task! It all happens tonight on Big Brother 8.

-Opening credits roll.

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08 July 2007 @ 08:18 pm

My recap will be later, because alot of stuff was shown and I'll need to go back and rewatch some of it, so for now I'm just going to post the episode discussion for everyone to discuss what they thought. Remember, this is an GENERAL EPISODE DISCUSSION(not a certain houseguest discussion, I'll leave that up to you to post about a houseguest in paticular), and is still considered spoilers for you on the west coast. That means that if you haven't seen the episode and don't want to be spoiled, then don't read the comments yet. ;)

Chat away...

07 July 2007 @ 10:28 am

I figured I would wait for the veto ceremony to happen and combine both spoilers in one, but that could be tomorrow and that's just too long. So... the winner of this weeks Veto competition is under the cut. =]

06 July 2007 @ 12:46 pm
by Michaela - pensivebeauty 

Here I go with my first recap of the season. I can't say it went fast. In fact, it took me forever. I'm extremely long winded when it comes to recapping. I feel the constant need to add every detail in. It's 8 pages in Microsoft Word and over 3000 words. Whoo. So that is good for readers. But bad for me cause it takes me so long. So let's hope a bunch of people read this. Otherwise I'll be shortening the recap, extensively.

Anyways, because it's so long, I'll post the first part here. Then I'll put the rest in an LJ cut. That way the whole page isn't taken up by my post.

Please do not redistribute this recap on other websites. Instead, link back to this livejournal and have people read it here. [It helps us with traffic.]

Here it Goes!


Big Brother - Season Premiere Recap
by Michaela

Before You Read::

DR: Diary Room
HG: House Guest
HOH: Head of Household


We start off with Julie Chen, looking noticeably thinner than last season, in a red dress. "Good evening, I'm Julie Chen. Tonight 14 houseguests will embark on the journey of a lifetime. Each with the dream of walking away with the half million dollar grand prize. But for some, that dream will take an unexpected turn. Before this hour is over, the houseguests will learn that some of them will be sharing the Big Brother house with a rival, enemy, or someone with whom they have unfinished business. How will this news affect the game? Can the houseguests use this twist to their advantage, or will it be more than they can handle? We'll soon find out. But first, let's take a look at the new houseguests. Just a few days ago, they were each surprised when they received their key to the Big Brother house," says Chen. [Just 3 minutes into the season and we've already heard a "But First" from the host. oh dear]

We cut to clips of the houseguests receiving their keys to the house. First, we've got Jessica, in a weight room jumping up and down hugging her dancer friends. Nick, fishing, and hooks a key to the house. And Eric, grabbing his key out of an ice chest.

Jessica says, "I'm Jessica. And the only person I'll be cheering for, is myself."
Nick says, "I'm Nick. And I'm gonna use this body for bait."
Eric lets out a 'woo hoo' then says, "I'm Eric. And no one's ever played this game like me before.

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05 July 2007 @ 11:24 pm

Yes, nominations have already happened, according to Hamster Watch. And here they are in the livejournal theme. A quick reminder, this community does have spoiler policies, so check that out in the community info and rules. =]

05 July 2007 @ 09:15 pm
Poll #1016156 Who's your fave?

Who is your favorite houseguest so far?

05 July 2007 @ 08:20 pm

Well here is our first episode discussion. Again, only moderators of the community (myself and Michaela) can post episode discussions and our personal recaps. Sometimes I will post a recap, sometimes Michaela will, sometimes we both will. And one of us will post the episode discussion in our recap post. For instance, tonight I've posted my recap in this post, along with the episode discussion which contains all of my thoughts. From here you can discuss the episode! If you want to give news, info, or opinions on a certain houseguest, and not on the whole episode, then post an entry with "Houseguest: (insert houseguest name here), " as the tag. Also, a quick reminder, entries without tags will not be approved. I'm sorry. Entries without a tag will stay in the queue until the next episode airs. If a tag is not placed on them by that time, they will be rejected. The list of possible tags are in the community info.

So, this episode discussion will be in a livejournal cut because it's still considered spoilers at the moment for the west coast. Many of them will be like this. We'll give our personal recaps and opinions and you can go from there with your own! Feel free to disagree, everyone has their own opinions, just remember to be respectful to other members so you wont be banned.

30 June 2007 @ 09:56 am
For anyone who hasn't heard about Daniele and Dick... apparently they are father and daughter.

Taken from his Myspace page

"I haven't been a great dad. My daughter hasn't spoken to me for about a quarter of her life. Part her fault, part mine... but, yes... I am the adult, well now we both are, but point is made. We have, or she has always had a love hate relationship with me. I think she gets me, but she doesn't. Is that her fault? I am fucked up, how is she supposed to get that? How is she supposed to understand that? She has been an adolescent teenage girl, she is now 20, how am I supposed to get that?" 

From Mortys TV.

And Dingo at Hamster Watch says that it was confirmed by the son/brother and that their last name is Donato... same last name.

So if this is all in fact true and they are father and daughter they coming into the house together and have some very serious issues. Who knows, we might have another Mr and Mrs Smith, father/daughter style, on our hands. Pretend to hate eachother, form an alliance. They could solve all their issues, but what kind of drama would that be? Or, things might just get a little crazy. I wonder how it's all going to play out with them. What do you guys think?

28 June 2007 @ 09:32 am
As promised, more info on this years show and the houseguests. Hmm... anyone look familiar?


"And, in a nod to a past "Big Brother" theme in which players were surprised to find out that their ex-flames had been recruited, this year's cast will include a few pairs of players with unresolved beefs.

The biggest twist, however, is a game element called "America's Player." In a nutshell, that contestant will have the chance to win extra sums of money-- but only if they carry out certain actions mandated by viewers via internet or text message voting. Chosen player might be asked to vote somebody out of the house or something more personal, such as flirting with another player. Eye is hoping the twist will give viewers more of a stake in the outcome of the game, in the same way auds who watch "American Idol" get to shape that competition."

More this way...