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In a matter of weeks, Season 8 went from being potentially one of the best to the second worst behind Season 4.

Reasons for the 180 include:
1) The failure of the America’s Player experiment. People can spin it anyway what they want, but the ultimate goal is to be in the final two, and for Eric (on behalf of America), the final four, but Eric couldn’t even reach the cutoff stage where he was to play on his own. Count me in the Eric had no choice as AP camp. It would be a mistake to repeat having this experiment in Season 9. Any future HG who knows the ins and outs of the game would eventually catch on and expose AP much to the producers’ chagrin

2) Amber. Not only did she prove to be an anti-Semite, but she was an emotional wreck from Week 1. She did not even belong in the game given her chronic crying. I mean for a last-minute replacement, CBS should and could have found someone else. Also, her playing the Christian card exposed her for the hypocrite that she is. Hell, Kail is a better Christian than Meth Addict Amber

3) Horrible strategy. The remaining HGs are more responsible than America in Week 6 for the end result two weeks ago as they were tripping over themselves to keep Dick and Daniele in as a way of netting an easy win. Somebody should have told those morons that keeping the most detestable players is not only bad strategy but something that often backfires when it comes to finales as the most hated walk way with the ultimate prize in such a situation

4) CBS stirring up controversy for the sake of stirring up controversy. Earlier this season, an AP task ADMITTED that Eric “needed to create controversy” in the house. As a result, he put mustard on Jen’s clothes. Is this Big Brother or The Real World? And don’t get me started on the big smack down between atheist Dick and the full-fledged Christians (Amber, Jameka, and Kail)

5) Allegations of rigging the game. These have varied from:
a) Eric doing the AP tasks on behalf of the producers, not the viewers
b) The usual distortion by CBS to make a HG likable, unlikable, or polarizing as well as editing out several parts of various incidents to make us see what the network wanted us to see
c)  Rigging the game in favor of the Donatos
d)  Forcing the HGs to change their votes to keep Eric instead of Kail
e) Rigging HOH contests against Eric so AP wouldn’t have such an easy ride

6) The show’s  treatment of Jen. I normally don’t care that much for Chill Town, but the producers screwed her over big time, and I’ll leave it at that
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Interview With Second Evicted Houseguest

Since the second eviction on Thursday we had the opportunity to interview the next evicted houseguest. To check out the link to the interview click this link below:


If you know of a great place to post this link feel free to do so. However, we do not let anyone take and post any content from our interviews. Please let us know what you think!
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Episode Discussion: Week 2, Episode 2

I think we're going to start doing episode discussions a little bit different this week! Lately the episode discussions have been going up late, and I think if they were up earlier, more people would respond. So, you can post your thoughts in a comment here after the show airs, [rather than waiting for 5 hours before you can discuss.]


discuss tonights episode here! =]]

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Interview With Carol

Check out our interview with Carol, the first evicted houseguest of BB8:


If you know of any places to post this link feel free to do so. However, we do not allow any clips or content from our interviews to be posted. Let us know what you think!