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us_bigbrother8's Journal

Big Brother 8: Obsessed Fans
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for fans of the US version of Big Brother 8. Here you may post any icons and arts of the contestants, spoilers about things such as competitions, discussions of the houseguests, and really anything that relates to Big Brother 8. So join and take part in the BB8 expierence.
1. You may post spoilers, but they MUST be in a livejournal cut. Do not post any spoilers whateversoever in your main entry. Everything that happens on an episode is considered a spoiler until three hours AFTER the episode has aired.

As for what spoilers you can post, anything from feeds or update sites can be posted. However, check to see what has been posted. Week 1 Nominations don't need to be posted more than once. You can post anything going on in the house in a spoiler entry, but if you are just going to post the nominations, veto competition/ceremoney, overnight HoH competition, then make sure if hasn't already been posted. Duplicate spoiler entries of those will be rejected.

2. Do not post your own episode discussion. Either one, or both, of the maintainers will post their "Episode Recap" after the episode has aired and one of the maintainers will post the "Episode Discussion" in their post. You may post houseguest discussions any time you would like, but not episode discussions.

3. When posting icons, you can have up to three "teaser" icons in your main post, and the rest under a livejournal cut or in a link to your own personal journal.

4. Do not post anything in the main post that will stretch the page, such as large pictures or banners. Put them on a livejournal cut.

5. We understand that everyone has their own opinions and often like different contestants. Everyone is free to state their own opinions, but you must be respectful of other members. Do no attack other members in any way or you will be removed from the community.

6. Do not hotlink other members' pictures or icons. This is very rude and disrespectful. Upload them to your own server.

7. You must credit other members' if you use anything they've created.

8. Place at least one of the following tags with new posts so that posts can be neatly organized:

Icons, Spoilers, Mood Themes, Banners, Headers, Wallpapers, Polls, News, Houseguest: (insert houseguest name here), Episode Discussion (for maintainers only), Episode Recap (also maintainers only).

This means you may post icons, spoilers, mood themes, banners, headers, wallpapers, polls, any type of BB related news, and any info or opinions you have about any houseguest. If your post doesn't really fall under a catagory, well first make sure the content is allowed, put whatever tags in that somewhat fit, and add "other".
Livejournal users who are not a member of this community can not post to this community. This community is open to new members, so feel free to join. However, posts are moderated so follow the entry rules. If you break any of the rules, you will be removed. Thanks, and enjoy the community!

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